Commercial flooring and custom floor mats.

Source Floor Projects

Custom-size, shape, and logo entrance matting. Commercial flooring of all types.

  • Minoru Centre for Active Living
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, GFX-Copper, GFX-Electric-Blue, GFX-Lemon, GFX-Navy, GFX-Sea, GFX-Silver, GFX-Sunshine, GFX-Victory-Red View Project
  • Source Mortgage Centre
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Onyx, GFX-Navy, GFX-Sunshine View Project
  • Beedie Development
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, Custom Shapes, GFX-Navy, GFX-Pearl-Grey, GFX-Victory-Red View Project
  • Dodge Custom Carpets
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Onyx, GFX-Ebony, Custom Shapes, GFX-Golden-Tan, GFX-Ivory, GFX-Navy, GFX-Pearl-Grey View Project
  • HME Mobility
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, Custom Shapes, GFX-Navy, GFX-Silver View Project
  • ARC Interior Design
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, GFX-Navy, GFX-Sage View Project
  • World of Maps
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, Custom Shapes, GFX-Navy View Project
  • Avalon Mews
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Onyx, GFX-Ivory, GFX-Navy View Project
  • Copperstone Village 2
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Onyx, GFX-Burgundy, GFX-Copper, GFX-Electric-Blue, GFX-Navy, GFX-Sage, GFX-Silver, GFX-Sunshine, GFX-Pearl-Grey, GFX-Victory-Red View Project
  • HBC Head Office
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Ebony, GFX-Ivory, GFX-Navy View Project
  • Complete Eyecare Optometry
    Grizzly FX, GFX-Onyx, GFX-Burgundy, GFX-Cornflower, GFX-Navy View Project
  • Best Western Uptown
    Custom Shapes, GFX-Ivory, GFX-Navy, GFX-Sunshine, GFX-Victory-Red View Project