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Crisp, durable, hard-wearing logos that can't blur, fade, or rub off.

Inlaid Logo Mats

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What is a vector graphic?

Inlaid – not printed! – logos for beauty and durability.

Every logo mat we make has a custom logo inlaid right in – not printed on top!  That means that every single piece of your logo – like the dot above an “i”, or the centre of an “a” – are made up of individual pieces of material that have been computer-cut and assembled by hand.  Our mats are like massive, beautiful jigsaw puzzles, with each piece of the puzzle being a piece of your logo!  To make those puzzle pieces, we need your logo as a vector graphic – not a bitmap graphic.


Why do graphic types matter?

Because one type has the information we need to build your inlaid logo mat, and one doesn’t!

There are two fundamental types of computer graphics out there: vector graphics, and bitmap graphics.  Although both file types can make the same image you see on a computer screen, when you look “under the hood” you’ll see that they’re as different as night and day:


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