Custom Area Rugs

Full range of custom area rugs and trade show rugs.

Custom Area Rugs

Custom logo, size, and shape area rugs.

Trade Show Area Rugs

Winning new “fans” of your business or products when exhibiting at a trade show takes planning. Show organizers create the opportunity and the environment, but it’s up to each exhibitor to get creative and develop a noticeable presence on the floor. Even if your purpose for exhibiting is to recruit new staff, or to network within your industry, a strong brand presence and eye-catching display will always leave a lasting first impression.

Our custom trade show area rugs can give your booth an upgrade in both style and appearance.  A custom booth area rug reinforces your brand message and gives your booth a professional-looking, finished floor that can be re-used time and time again.

Our favourite material for custom trade show area rugs is Shaw Contract’s “Utopian” commercial broadloom carpet.  With tufted loop construction, Utopian provides a luxurious and durable foundation on which to build your rug.  And with over 90 available solid colours to choose from, Utopian has a shade for nearly every logo and design.

Our custom area rugs are constructed from individual pieces of carpet material – not printed images onto undyed nylon.  Using our computerized ultrasonic cutting table, we precision-cut out each piece of material to be used in your rug, and then assemble them like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

We can build a rug starting with your company’s logo, or work from your designer’s plans – the sky’s the limit!

Please note: most trade show area rugs usually take anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks to complete from date of order.


Each colour has all its pieces cut out at the same time, and labeled for assembly.


The pieces are put together, and the initial gluing begins!


We reinforce all the seams for outstanding durability before applying the finished backing.


Right-side up and ready for finishing!

We also offer custom area rugs for soft seating areas in shopping malls, hospitality lobbies, and more!

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