Indoor Logo Mats

Inlaid logos are crisp, durable logos that can't blur, fade, or rub off.

Indoor Inlaid Logo Mats

Inlaid logos are crisp, durable logos that can't blur, fade, or rub off.

Standard Logo Colours – Grizzly FX

Our Grizzly FX inlaid logo mat program is different because we inlay, not print, our logo mats.  Each piece of your logo is cut out of  separate pieces of matting material using an ultrasonic blade on our computer-controlled cutting table.  After all the pieces have been cut, we assemble them like a giant jigsaw puzzle and chemically bond the pieces together and into your new entrance mat.  This gives your logo incredible durability and resistance to wear – an inlaid logo doesn’t blur, fade, or wear off with traffic like printed mats do!  All we need from your is your logo in a suitable vector graphic format, like Adobe Illustrator, SVG, or EPS.

We offer twenty standard inlay colours, so chances are we can find a colour match to make your logo look great!  And if none of the standard colours suit your taste, we also offer a custom inlay colour program with over 250 shades to choose from!

Can’t find the right shade?  Try our Spectrum,  Utopian, or Plateau colour palettes!

Please note: colour images shown below are examples of available colours only and should not be used for exact colour matches as each monitor and display can vary considerably.  We are happy to provide physical samples for colour evaluation upon request.

Our logo mats are inlaid, not printed!

Not sure of the difference between inlaid and printed logo mats? Click here to find out!

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