Sanitizing Mats

Stop the spread of COVID-19 on your floors.

Sanitizing Mats

Special-purpose mats and products to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Dry Side Custom Sizes

If your building needs a custom size or shape for its Grizzly Sanitize matting system, we’ve got you covered! Grizzly Sanitize Dry Side mats are available in any shape or size required, without any additional custom surcharges or production delays. Just sketch out the custom dimensions and shape you need and we’ll take it from there!

Grizzly Sanitize is a entrance matting system designed to sanitize and disinfect footwear to help reduce the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses in public spaces.  Grizzly Sanitize delivers quaternary disinfectant solution directly to shoe soles as people enter your building, and then dries shoe bottoms to prevent slip and fall accidents.

“Why do I need sanitizing mats? I don’t touch the floor.”  Click here to see why secondary contact is a serious COVID-19 issue.

Grizzly Sanitize Dry Side Custom Size comes with:

  • Custom-sized Dry Side mat built to your needs
  • Wet Side mat is NOT included
  • Sanitizing solution is NOT included

Grizzly Sanitize features and benefits:
  • Grizzly Sanitize Wet Side holds about 2 litres of disinfectant solution.
  • Grizzly Sanitize’s 75% nylon construction wicks up disinfectant solution from the bottom of the mat to the tops of the fibres to maximize contact with shoe bottoms even as the liquid is consumed with use.
  • Grizzly Sanitize holds disinfectant securely to prevent the sloshing, waving, and splashing with open-tray style shoe wash systems.
  • Premature disinfectant evaporation is significantly reduced with Grizzly Sanitize when compared to open-tray style systems.
  • Grizzly Sanitize is built with our Cart Edge ramped vinyl edging, reducing trip hazards.
  • Cart Edging makes sanitizing action easily available to wheeled traffic (like wheelchairs, walkers, shopping carts, etc.)
  • Grizzly Sanitize is easily cleaned and recharged for daily use: rinse with clean water, vacuum to dry, and refill with quat disinfectant.
  • Soaking shoe bottoms allows quaternary disinfectant to contact all tread surfaces, including crevices and edges.
  • Your existing quaternary disinfectant effectively kills germs, bacteria, and viruses; no costly proprietary disinfectant required!
  • Click here to download the Source Grizzly Sanitize User Guide

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