Polished Concrete and Grinding

Source Floor provides concrete finishing and polishing services

Polished Concrete and Grinding

Concrete grinding and polishing

Polished Concrete

For those cases where a coating or traditional flooring product isn’t the right solution, Source Floor is pleased to offer concrete polishing and grinding services to commercial clients.  Polished concrete has become the true no-wax flooring of choice.

Due to constant innovations in polishing grinders and processes, Source Floor can now polish concrete floor surfaces (both new and old) to a high sheen that only needs typical cleaning and maintenance — never waxes or coatings.  Polished concrete is exactly that – your existing concrete slab that’s been ground down to a smooth, finished surface.  Because concrete is such a hard substance, it takes something even harder to cut and grind it – diamonds!

One feature of polished concrete is that every floor turns out differently – a polished concrete floor is as unique as a set of fingerprints.  Because the polishing process begins and ends with your existing concrete, all of the unique imperfections and ‘character’ present in your slab are brought to the surface to create a floor that is identical to no other.

Considering concrete’s high durability and long service lifespan, it’s easy to see why more commercial facilities and residential homes are choosing polished concrete as an alternative to traditional flooring and as a lifetime investment.  While polished concrete has a high initial cost to install due to the diamond polishing pads, it’s a very cost-effective flooring choice when amortized over the many years (decades!) it will last.

(We’re sorry, but we’re not usually able to help with residential projects under 1000 sqft in size or projects that do not have direct grade access (no stairs) with door clearance at least 48″ wide.)

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