Pedimat Refurbishment

Why replace when you can renew? We can refurbish your existing Pedimat aluminum well matting to like-new condition with custom inserts made specifically for your building’s existing matting system. This makes for an exceptionally great-looking system when your new insert strips match a new walk-off mat inside your building’s lobby!

  1. The carpet inserts are removed by “peeling” back the existing strips.
  2. Ice melter and dirt are embedded on the aluminum rails and need to be removed by a steel wire brush.
  3. Post steel wire brushing the pedimat rails.
  4. New carpet inserts are computer-cut on our CNC table to fit your Pedimat.  Once cut, the new inserts are slid into place and secured with high-strength adhesive along the length of the strip.
  5. The traffic pattern has been removed by the installation of new carpet inserts and using steel wire brushes to remove built-up dirt and ice melter on the rails.
  6. Exterior brush carpet was installed for better scraping in this limited entrance area. The carpet brush fibers are made out of polypropylene (fishing wire material) reducing the possibility of slips and falls.
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