Grizzly FX

The longest-lasting commercial entrance matting in Canada.

Grizzly FX Entrance Flooring

The longest-lasting commercial entrance matting in Canada.

Irregular Custom Shapes

Just say no to one-size-fits-all rectangles!

A custom entrance flooring solution should fit your commercial building like a perfectly tailored garment – and it makes a fantastic first impression on your customers, clients, and tenants.  Grizzly FX offers the best value and best performance for heavy-duty commercial entrance matting available in Canada.  We build each Grizzly FX mat to order locally, right here in Port Coquitlam BC – there’s no extended lead times or special surcharges for custom sizes and custom lengths!

Grizzly FX matting is completely customizable for size and shape, as every one of our Grizzly FX mats is made right here in Port Coquitlam!  To get started with your irregular custom-shaped Grizzly FX mat:

  • Draw a sketch of your proposed mat (hand-drawn is fine!)
  • Measure every side of the proposed mat as accurately as possible.
  • As you measure, jot down the lengths on your sketch.
  • For inlaid logo mats, sketch roughly where you would like your logo to be placed.
  • Send us your sketch, and we’ll use our design software to plan out your mat and provide you with an art proof for revisions.
  • If you’re located in Greater Vancouver, we’ll be happy to come to your site and measure for you!

We do logos in-house too! All our logo work is inlaid, not printed, for outstanding image sharpness, quality, and long service life. Click here to find out more!

All of our Grizzly FX mats are finished with flop-proof, heavy duty extruded vinyl ramped edging for stability and heft.  No more buckling, curling, or flopping like launderable or rental mats – Grizzly FX is real flooring, not laundry!  We recommend Grizzly Edge or Cart Edge for your Grizzly FX mat.  Click here to see our available edging styles.

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Most people don’t know the difference between different kinds of floor mats…or that there’s a difference at all!

There’s a lot more to mats than you think!

Grizzly FX outcleans, outwears, and outlasts the polypropylene competition.  We can prove it!

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