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Inlaid Logo Mats

Our logo mats are inlaid, not printed!

See some of our past logo matting projects here!

Source Floor & Specialties Inc. creates custom inlaid logo mats for all types of organizations, both large and small. Logo mats are the ultimate way to combine function with style and make a lasting first impression on your customers with their first step through your front door.

Our Grizzly FX inlaid logo mats are our most popular choice, using Standard Inlay, or custom UtopianPlateau, or Spectrum inlay colours!

Not sure of the difference between inlaid and printed logo mats?  Click here to find out!

Not sure what a vector graphic is?  Click here for a YouTube video that explains it!

Our computerized cutting table utilizes precision ultrasonic blade cutting technology to bring your logo to life in a wide variety of our entrance matting materials. Once cut, all the pieces of your logo are puzzled together and permanently bonded in three ways to create a durable, lasting work of functional art.

Here’s how we make your inlaid logo mat:

Step 1:  Each element in your logo mat is computer-cut out of separate pieces of matting material.


Step 2:  We prepare the field material to have the logo pieces inlaid.  Individual pieces of material mean that your logo will never smudge, fade, or wear off with traffic.


Step 3:  The logo elements are inlaid by hand into the field one piece at a time and chemically welded together for outstanding strength and durability.


Step 4:  The finished product!


Check out that detail!


Ordering is simple!  Here’s how:

  1. Select a mat as your base.
    Our staff would be happy to help you choose the right matting product to meet your facility’s specific needs.  We recommend our Grizzly FX (for indoors) and Kermode (for covered outdoors) applications.
  2. Send us your specifications and vector artwork.
    Let us know the size, shape, and logo placement for your new mat.  Not sure what a vector graphic is?  This YouTube video explains it all!
  3. Receive the art proof and quote.
    We’ll create an art proof and quotation for your new mat and submit it to you for your approval.
  4. Place your order!
    We can usually finish and ship most custom logo mats within 2 to 3 weeks.


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