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The longest-lasting commercial entrance matting in Canada.

Indoor Inlaid Logo Mats

Inlaid logos are crisp, durable logos that can't blur, fade, or rub off.

Grizzly FX Logo Mats

Our logo mats are inlaid, not printed!  Not sure of the difference between inlaid and printed logo mats? Click here to find out!

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Check out all our Standard Logo Colours for inlaid Grizzly FX logo mats here!

Because all our commercial logo mats are inlaid and not printed, bigger is better when it comes to complex logos.  The smallest element in your logo needs to be at least as big as a dime – the smaller the mat, the simpler the logo has to be.  All our mats are custom-made right here in Port Coquitlam BC, so we can make it fit your commercial building’s lobby, atrium, vestibule, or entrance – you’re not stuck with “standard sizes”!

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Click here for our Matting Knowledgebase with info on: FAQs, maintenance & warranties, how to measure for your own custom mats, and more!

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Here’s how we make your inlaid logo mat:

Step 1:  Each element in your logo mat is computer-cut out of separate pieces of matting material.


Step 2:  We prepare the field material to have the logo pieces inlaid.  Individual pieces of material mean that your logo will never smudge, fade, or wear off with traffic.


Step 3:  The logo elements are inlaid by hand into the field one piece at a time and chemically welded together for outstanding strength and durability.


Step 4:  The finished product!


Check out that detail!


Ordering is simple!  Here’s how:

  1. How big is your mat?
    The bigger the better when it comes to logos!  The absolute smallest element of your logo mat must be at least 0.25″ thick/wide/tall.  The larger your new mat, the more intricate your logo can be.
  2. Send us your vector artwork.
    Send us your logo in Adobe Illustrator, EPS, or SVG format.  No matter the file type, your logo must be a vector graphic.  Not sure what a vector graphic is?  This YouTube video explains it all!
  3. Receive the art proof and quote.
    We’ll create an art proof and quotation for your new mat and submit it to you for your approval.
  4. Place your order!
    We can usually finish and ship most custom logo mats within 2 to 3 weeks.

Four quick reasons why your commercial building needs Grizzly FX matting:

1. Saves money, reduces costs.

Grizzly FX mats cost less than rental mats after only 8 months…but last from 5 – 10 years.  Rental mats costing $10 per week sounds cheap…until you do the math!  $10 per week works out to $520 per year, which is $2,600 spent over 5 years…that’s a lot of money for a mat you don’t even own!  The same Grizzly FX mat is bought and paid for after only 8 months…and saves you $10/week for the next 200 weeks.

2. Heavy duty safety edging “Stops the Flop!”

Grizzly FX mats are made with super stiff, super sturdy vinyl edging for non-slip safety.  No more floppy, sloppy trip hazards at your front door with Grizzly FX mats.  Check out our edging here!

3. Custom fit with no custom upcharge.

All Grizzly FX mats are made-to-order – so there’s no custom upcharge to go with a custom size.  Unlike, rental mats, you can get a mat tailored to properly fit your doorway with no delays and no surcharges. To take your custom mat to the next level, click here to check out our logo mats!

4. Built right here, in BC.

Grizzly FX is proudly Canadian, and 100% made in North America from top to bottom.  Woven in Dalton GA, the “Carpet Capital of the World”, all Grizzly FX mats are cut, edged, and finished right here in Port Coquitlam, BC.


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