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Grizzly Sanitize

Grizzly Sanitize is a entrance matting system designed to sanitize and disinfect footwear to help reduce the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses in public spaces.  Grizzly Sanitize delivers quaternary disinfectant solution directly to shoe soles as people enter your building, and then dries shoe bottoms to prevent slip and fall accidents.

“Why do I need sanitizing mats? I don’t touch the floor.”  Click here to see why secondary contact is a serious COVID-19 issue.

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9 reasons why Grizzly Sanitize is better than other sanitizing mats:

1. Splashless

Grizzly Sanitize is a sponge-style sanitizing mat that uses premium nylon to hold sanitizing solution within the fibres themselves to stay neat, tidy, and splash-free.  Other sanitizing mats are open trays of chemical solution that splatter, splash, and make waves with each person that steps in, spilling out onto the surrounding floor.

2. Efficient

Open-tray sanitizing mats need gallons and gallons of sanitizer to fill up…sanitizer that’s expensive and hard to get!  Grizzly Sanitize Doorway-3 is ready to work with only two litres of sanitizer!  That’s up to 90% less sanitizer solution than the competition.

3. Barrier-Free

Wheels are no problem!  Grizzly Sanitize uses our super-sturdy ramped vinyl Cart Edge on all sides so there’s no barrier for people with wheelchairs, walkers, or mobility issues to use, unlike other sanitizing mats.  Shopping carts, buggies, and other wheeled traffic are fine too – unlike open-tray mats with tall barrier walls on all sides.

4. Street-Shoe Friendly

Grizzly Sanitize is only 1/4″ thick, making it completely friendly for use with street shoes.  Open-tray sanitizing mats are several inches deep, submerging your feet up to the ankles…not so great when you’re wearing heels, loafers, or sneakers.  Grizzly Sanitize delivers sanitizer only to the bottoms of shoes where it’s actually needed – no gumboots required!

5. Works Even on Inclined Surfaces

Unlike open-tray sanitizing mats, Grizzly Sanitize works even on gentle slopes and inclined surfaces!  Because Grizzly Sanitize holds its sanitizing solution within the nylon fibres like a sponge, the floor you use it on doesn’t need to be perfectly flat.  Try that with an open-tray mat!

6. Customizable Sizes

Grizzly Sanitize comes in standard Doorway-3 and Doorway-6 configurations, but it is completely customizable for size and shape.  Other sanitizing mats are moulded rubber or plastic – individual custom sizes are impossible.  Order a wider system for your double doors, or a longer system to completely sanitize the full rotation of a wheelchair’s wheels – we make each Grizzly Sanitize system to exactly fit your needs.

7. Comes Complete

Grizzly Sanitize comes as a complete sanitizing mat system – both the Wet Side and the Dry Side mats are included.  The other guys only include the wet sanitizer mat, leaving you to go find a suitable dryer mat on your own…or no dryer mat at all, creating a slippery wet mess on your entrance floor.  We can also supply you with the sanitizing solution too!

8. Performs Post-Pandemic

Unlike other sanitizing mats, Grizzly Sanitize isn’t useful only to deal with stopping the spread of COVID-19!  After the pandemic ends, with Grizzly Sanitize you’ve got a high-performance, super absorbent, long-lasting entrance mat that can be used for years and years at your doorways.  Grizzly Sanitize is made from our famous Grizzly FX premium nylon dryer/scraper entrance matting that’s been in service for over a decade at extra high-traffic locations, like Metropolis at Metrotown.

9. Made in Canada

Grizzly Sanitize is built right here in Port Coquitlam BC, and is made from 100% Canadian and American raw materials.  Buying Grizzly Sanitize is supporting local Canadian small business.

We recommend charging your Grizzly Sanitize system with Vital Oxide disinfectant – click here for info.

The Grizzly Sanitize system is made of two parts: a Wet Side, and a Dry Side.  The Wet Side of Grizzly Sanitize is filled with quaternary disinfectant solution until fully saturated (about 2 litres of solution).

#1: Step into Sanitizer.


#2: Wait 15 seconds.

Inbound foot traffic steps onto Grizzly Sanitize Wet Side and stands for at least 15 seconds, allowing the disinfectant solution to fully coat shoe treads.


#3: Step onto Dry Side.

Traffic then steps off the Wet Side, and onto the Dry Side to dry off just the floor contact patches of shoe treads.


#4: Prevent slip hazards.

Foot traffic then walks across the Dry Side, drying off shoe sole bottoms to prevent slip and fall accidents.


Grizzly Sanitize features and benefits:
  • Grizzly Sanitize Wet Side-3 holds about 2 litres of disinfectant solution.
  • Grizzly Sanitize’s 75% nylon construction wicks up disinfectant solution from the bottom of the mat to the tops of the fibres to maximize contact with shoe bottoms even as the liquid is consumed with use.
  • Grizzly Sanitize holds disinfectant securely to prevent the sloshing, waving, and splashing with open-tray style shoe wash systems.
  • Premature disinfectant evaporation is significantly reduced with Grizzly Sanitize when compared to open-tray style systems.
  • Grizzly Sanitize is built with our Cart Edge ramped vinyl edging, reducing trip hazards.
  • Cart Edge makes sanitizing action easily available to wheeled traffic (like wheelchairs, walkers, shopping carts, etc.)
  • Grizzly Sanitize is easily cleaned and recharged for daily use: rinse with clean water, vacuum to dry, and refill with quat disinfectant.
  • Soaking shoe bottoms allows quaternary disinfectant to contact all tread surfaces, including crevices and edges.
  • Your existing quaternary disinfectant effectively kills germs, bacteria, and viruses; no costly proprietary disinfectant required!
  • Custom messages available (on Dry Side only)!
  • Click here to download the Source Grizzly Sanitize User Guide

Grizzly Sanitize Doorway-3 comes standard with:

  • 3’0″ x 2’0″ Wet Side mat
  • 3’0″ x 6’0″ Dry Side mat
  • Sanitizing solution is NOT included
  • Click here to see more

Grizzly Sanitize Doorway-6 comes standard with:

  • 6’0″ x 2’0″ Wet Side mat
  • 6’0″ x 6’0″ Dry Side mat
  • Sanitizing solution is NOT included
  • Click here to see more

The federal government has an approved list of disinfectants to kill COVID-19 (link).  Any quaternary disinfectant from this list can be used (in the appropriate dilution) with Grizzly Sanitize.

(Disinfectants containing “Quaternary Ammonium Compounds”, “Ammonium Chloride”, or “Benzalkonium Chloride” are acceptable for use with Grizzly Sanitize.)

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently conducted a study in March 2020 on the transmission vectors of COVID-19 in hospital wards in Wuhan, China.  The study found that the coronavirus was widely distributed on floors throughout the hospital, even in areas that did not have direct contact with infected patients.  Gravity and air flow cause most virus droplets to float to the ground, where they can be picked up by shoes and carried to new areas.  The CDC study shows that 50% of the shoe bottoms of ICU medical staff tested positive for coronavirus, and theorizes that contaminated shoes spread the virus to areas that had no direct contact with COVID-19 patients.  The study authors highly recommended that persons disinfect shoe soles before walking out of wards containing COVID-19 patients.

Custom Dry Side mat sizes also available – click here for more info!  Contact us to order!

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