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Premium custom indoor entrance matting.

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Matting keeps your floors clean, dry, and safe.

Grizzly FX





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1. Costs less than rental mats after 8 months.

$10/week for rental mats sounds cheap!  But $10/week works out to $520/year, which is $2,600 in 5 years…!  The same Grizzly FX mat is bought and paid for after 30 weeks of rentals…and saves you $10/week for the next 200 weeks.

2. Heavy duty edging “Stops the Flop!”

Grizzly FX mats are made with super stiff, super sturdy vinyl edging.  No more floppy, sloppy trip hazards at your front door with Grizzly FX mats.  Check out our edging here!

3. Custom fit with no custom upcharge.

All Grizzly FX mats are made-to-order – so there’s no custom upcharge to go with a custom size.  Unlike, rental mats, you can get a mat tailored to properly fit your doorway with no delays and no surcharges. To take your custom mat to the next level, click here to check out our logo mats!

4. Built right here, in BC.

Grizzly FX is proudly Canadian, and 100% made in North America from top to bottom.  Woven in Dalton GA, the “Carpet Capital of the World”, all Grizzly FX mats are cut, edged, and finished right here in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Step up to quality with Grizzly FX premium dryer/scraper matting and see how much better your facility can look and discover the related amortized cost-savings. Keep dirt and water where it belongs – at the door, not inside your facility!  Did you know that the Carpet & Rug Institute recommends 12 to 15 linear feet of matting for an office building, or up to 20 or 25 feet for a grocery store or hospital to ensure soil is trapped and floors are kept safe?

See examples of our custom inlaid Grizzly FX logo mats here.  Our logo mats are inlaid, not printed!

Premium nylon face fibres give Grizzly FX outstanding performance and long service life. Grizzly FX uses a random pattern design to help hide collected dirt, while its looped-pile, tufted construction utilizes both nylon (to dry) and polypropylene fibres (to scrape) to provide the ultimate performance in scraping, collecting and holding/hiding dirt and moisture until it can be extracted from the mat.

Grizzly FX comes in standard 3-foot and 6-foot widths, but can be fully customized to any shape and size.  Grizzly FX is also suitable for wall-to-wall installations in vestibules or lobby areas and is the best choice for our inlaid logo mat program.  Our logos are all inlaid, not printed!

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