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Click here to download our Entrance Matting Selection Guide brochure in PDF format.

Walk off entrance mats play a vital role in keeping soil, grit, sand, salt, and oily dirt out of a commercial building. Although there are many different types and styles, the Carpet & Rug Institute suggests a minimum of 15 linear feet of matting at each main doorway, but most experts agree that 20 to 25 linear feet are necessary to effectively catch 95% of the destructive soil brought in by foot traffic.

The most effective entrance mats for commercial doorways are part of a comprehensive matting system, starting with an aggressive scraper mat at the first footstep (like our Cobra) and finishing well inside the building with a dryer/scraper mat (like our Grizzly FX).

When choosing a matting system for your commercial building, keep these questions in mind:

What kind of traffic will the mat endure?

A building entry is considered “heavy traffic” if more than 1,500 people use the facility; moderate to heavy traffic would be 500 to 1,500 people; light to moderate traffic would be 125 to 500 building users. Our Grizzly FX matting is built to handle heavy traffic loads (and more!) Studies show that it can cost up to $750 in overall costs to remove a single pound of dirt once it’s been tracked into a commerical office tower, and u to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by just 1000 people coming through an entrance every day over a 20 day work period!

What type of facility is it?

High-performance mats are designed for specific types of facilities: shopping malls, airports, auto dealerships, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, etc. While there’s no harm in “over-buying” a mat with more capacity than your foot traffic requires, “under-buying” a mat can result in having to repeat your purchase much sooner than you think!  Healthcare facilities and airports that have lots of wheeled traffic have different requirements than condominium towers and shopping malls, so make sure you choose the right matting tool for the job.

Where will the mat be installed?

Just like real estate, location is everything. Mats should be viewed as a facility’s “first line of defense” helping to keep soil and contaminants from entering the building. Scraper matting should be installed directly outside the facility to remove the most obvious dirt before it enters the building at all. These should be supplemented with dryer/scraper mats inside the lobby to finish the cleaning job.

Will the mat be used to reinforce your branding or marketing?

Many hotel facilities, shopping malls, prestigeous retailers, and property managers choose to upgrade their entrance matting with their logo inlaid directly into the mat. Known as inlaid logo mats, these are double-duty mats designed to promote a company’s image as well as help prevent soil and moisture from contaminating the building’s interior.

Click here to download our Entrance Matting Selection Guide brochure in PDF format.

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