Grizzly FX

The longest-lasting commercial entrance matting in Canada.

Grizzly FX Entrance Flooring

Guide traffic flow without stanchions or ropes.

Safety Edging

The finishing touch for any custom mat or area rug is the edging!

We supply and install our heavy-duty vinyl ramped safety edging in a variety of designs to suit the matting type and the application.

Whether you need to protect against edge ravel and wear, have low-clearance doors that need a low profile edge, or have a lot of heavy-duty wheeled traffic, we can help you select the right edging to make your mat perform at peak effectiveness with maximum safety for pedestrian traffic.

Grizzly Edge

Our proprietary Grizzly Edge has a custom design with a recessed pocket behind the ramp.  The overhanging lip above the recessed pocket helps to protect our tufted products from premature edge ravel.  It’s perfect for our Grizzly FX and Sunbear mats, as well as our custom area rugs!

Grizzly-Edge 500x230

Heavy Edge

Our Heavy Edge is our standard commercial-duty edging for most needlepunch knob products like our Kermode and Koala matting.  It’s an excellent choice for regular commercial traffic, and also where low door clearance is an issue.  Heavy Edge is our lowest-profile mat edging.

Heavy-Edge 500x230

Cart Edge

Our Cart Edge has the same rise as Heavy Edge, but a longer run.  This creates a gentler slope to the ramped edge, making it ideal for heavy amounts of wheeled traffic like walkers, strollers, and shopping carts.  Cart Edge is great for Grizzly FX, SunbearKermode, Koala, and our custom area rugs in areas with a lot of wheeled traffic.


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