Custom Area Rugs

Custom-cut and made to your design.

Custom Area Rugs

Custom-cut and made to your design.

Custom Area Rugs

A custom area rug is the perfect finishing touch to your building’s decor.  Whether it’s simply adding to your office’s aesthetic,  or functionally separating seating areas from traffic lanes in a busy lobby, custom area rugs help to tie it all together.

See how our rugs are made in the video below!

Did you know? All of our custom area rugs are inlaid, not printed!

We work with your interior designer’s plans to bring your custom area rugs to life!

We take your custom design:

And turn it into finished area rugs:

We don’t offer design services directly, but can refer you to interior designers if you don’t have your own.

No designer?  No problem!

If you’re looking for something “off the rack”, we supply custom area rugs from leading commercial carpet suppliers.  Please see their websites below for currently-available designs:

Our custom area rugs are handmade from individual pieces of broadloom carpet that have been seamed and bonded together to make an absolutely one-of-a-kind rug.  Using individual pieces of material for each element of your custom rug allows us to mix and match different patterns, colours, and styles – while retaining crisp, sharp borders between elements that printed rugs simply can’t match.  Separate pieces also allow us to use solution-dyed carpet to create your rug, offering outstanding durability and stain-resistance.

Individual pieces cut, assembled, and seamed together, ready for backing:


Preparing for heavy duty ramped vinyl edging:


Installing the slip-resistant QuadBack backing:


The finished rug!


Check out some of our custom area rug work here!


Colours/Styles Available

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