Anti Fatigue Mats

Boost employee comfort, safety, and productivity.

Anti Fatigue Matting

Connectable and individual antifatigue mats.

Airsoft Plus

Airsoft Plus antifatigue mats are recommended for commercial applications such as workstations, cashiers, assembly lines, and tellers.  Airsoft mats are a heavier-duty version of our standard Airsoft mats, and are an economical and effective antifatigue mat.

Quick Overview:
  • For use in medium-duty dry work areas
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce strain and provide relief from aching feet and legs
  • For moderate applications, Airsoft is an economical choice to improve employee comfort and increase productivity
  • Choose from rolls or standard size mats to suit your needs
  • Protects feet from cold and damp floors
  • Available in Pebble finish only
  • 5/8 in thick closed PVC cell foam
  • 0.72 lbs per square foot
  • Available in standard widths:
    • 2ft width
    • 3ft width
    • 4ft width

Airsoft comes with factory beveled edges.

Colours/Styles Available

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