Special-Purpose Mats

Pools, spas, wet areas, ski lodges.

Special-Purpose Mats

Pool decks, ski lodges, and other specialty areas.

3M Nomad 8850

3M Nomad 8850 Heavy Traffic Carpet Matting is a combination scraper and carpet-type matting product. Crush-resistant polypropylene fibers scrape, remove and hide loose dirt, while small nylon fibers wick away water. Fibers resist fading and staining. Random pattern provides an attractive look and allows sand, salt and dirt to blend in until it can be removed.

Technical specifications:

  • Designed for extra-heavy-duty traffic conditions – Up to 1,000,000 people/year
  • Dual fiber, random pattern provides excellent dirt and water removal and allows sand, salt and dirt to hide until it can be removed
  • Solution-dyed fibers resist fading and staining and keep the mat looking good longer
  • Vinyl backing will not stain floor and prevents dirt and moisture from reaching the floor
  • Low profile allows foot, cart and wheelchair traffic to move easily over the mat

Click here to see past mats we’ve made using 3M Nomad 8850 for clients just like you!

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