Special-Purpose Mats

Pools, spas, wet areas, ski lodges.

Special-Purpose Mats

Pool decks, ski lodges, and other specialty areas.

3M Nomad 1500

3M wet area matting is specifically designed to improve safety and comfort in public pool, hot tub, shower, and other wet areas.

  • Open construction allows water to drain through, helping keep surfaces drier
  • Improved slip resistance helps reduce falls around pools, whirlpools, locker rooms, saunas and shower areas
  • Anti-microbial coating provides resistance to mildew, fungus and odours in the mat
  • Easy to maintain!  Clean by shaking or washing with a hose or power washer
  • Cushioned vinyl loops provide a comfortable surface for barefoot traffic
  • Coiled vinyl loops reduce impact of dropped items that may otherwise shatter and be a danger to barefoot traffic

Technical specifications:

  • All vinyl non-woven continuously-bonded filament construction
  • Vinyl loop face style
  • No backing
  • Available with or without vinyl ramp edging
  • Total matting weight: minimum 3.3 lbs. / sq. yd. (1.8 kg. sq. m)
  • Thickness: minimum 0.41 in. (10.3 mm)
  • Standard width of 3′, but can be seamed to custom sizes

Click here to see photos of PVC mats we’ve made for clients just like you! 

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