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We specialize in helping property managers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland choose the right flooring product for their space budget.

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  • Stamina Sport Floor

    Northwest Rubber Stamina Sport Floor provides superior value and multiple...

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  • Norament 992 Grano

    Extreme resistance to ice blades, spikes, cleats and free weights.

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  • Healthcare Flooring

    Flooring is a known factor that can contribute to intelligent and...

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  • Commercial Kitchens

    We’re proud to supply and install specialty flooring products for...

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  • Commercial Carpet

    Commercial broadloom and tile carpet.

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  • VCT

    Economical and durable choice for basic flooring.

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  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

    Wood & stone appearance with vinyl toughness.

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  • Linoleum

    Durable, long-lasting hard surface flooring.

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  • Dinoflex Sport Mat

    General-purpose rubber slab for gyms and weightrooms.

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  • Athletic Floors

    Flooring for pool areas, weight rooms, and more.

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  • Custom Cutting

    Contract cutting services and custom mat shapes.

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  • Stride Fitness Tiles

    Sound-deadening special-purpose weightroom flooring.

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