Anti Fatigue Mats

Boost employee productivity and comfort.

Anti Fatigue Matting

We offer a wide selection of modular and individual anti fatigue mats.

Boost employee productivity and comfort while simultaneously reducing fatigue and the potential for injury with anti fatigue matting. We offer a wide selection of modular and individual antifatigue mats for many different workstation environments.

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  • Industrial Roll Matting

    Slip-resistant reversible rolled rubber for wet areas.

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  • Air-Soft Antistatic Mat

    Vinyl sponge mat for low-to-mid static environments.

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  • KinetaFlex

    Greaseproof nitrile rubber bubble mats.

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  • Switchboard Dielectric

    High voltage protection with a slip-resistant surface.

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  • Edging

    Ramped vinyl edging.

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  • Maintenance Guides

    Care & maintenance guides for your matting.

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  • Matting Selection Guide

    Help in choosing the right mat.

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