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Our COVID-19 update: We’re here for you.

We hope you are safe and healthy. We hope you’re keeping safe in these unprecedented times. Although we’re working remotely right now, the Source Floor team is still available to help you with your flooring and entrance matting needs. All of us here at Source Floor want to thank you in advance for sticking with us through these next few difficult weeks (or months) to come. In times like this, it’s especially clear that we really are all...

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Social distancing made easier.

Social distancing only works when people know how far apart is far enough!  We've got a way to make it easier for you - and your customers - to maintain their distance. A custom directional mat with distance markers makes keeping that 6-foot distance clear and simple.  And it also helps to keep your floors clean, dry, and safe! Contact us today to get started with your own directional mat.

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First Impressions Are Very Important & So Are Your Entrance Mats

Here's another set of entrance mats we spotted at a local chain grocery store in Burnaby. What sort of first impression do these two mats make on you as a customer?   The mats are too small.  This entrance has double doors, and double doors need at least a 6'0" wide mat - the bigger the better!  The rubber mat is sized for a single door, not a busy retail entrance. Rental mat flop.  Look at the corner...

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Appearance Matters – Why Stop at the Floor?

Smart businesspeople know that making a good first impression is hugely important.  They think about everything that their customers see: from their signage, to their choice of furniture and fixtures, even the colour of the walls is chosen with care. So why do so many stop at the floor? Your main entrance is the first point of contact your customers make with your business.  Make that first impression a good one with a high-quality entrance mat, like Grizzly...

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The Occupier’s Liability Act in BC – Who’s Responsible for Slip & Fall Injuries?

Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading causes of serious personal injuries in Canada.  In 2016-2017, there were nearly 9000 hospitalizations in Canada due to falls on slippery surfaces! Falls are a significant cause of injuries, accounting for 34% of injury-related total hospitalizations in Canada, with the most common fall-related injuries being wrist and ankle fractures and head trauma.  But some people are more vulnerable to being hurt by a fall on a slippery surface, particularly those...

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Floppy & Sloppy: First Impressions and Rental Mats

Rental mat services sound like a great idea at first...somebody drops off some launderable entrance mats at your retail store or office building, and then picks them up and swaps them out periodically with "new" ones.  They take the old ones away, wash them, and bring them back the next time they're out to service your location. But what good are mats that don't actually do anything? We've all seen mats like this, but have a look at these...

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Grizzly FX outlasts the competition – and we can prove it.

Grizzly FX is a super heavy-duty, premium quality commercial entrance matting product - but don't take our word for it.  We can prove it! We had Grizzly FX lab tested by Professional Testing Laboratory Inc., a totally independent professional lab in Dalton, GA (the "Carpet Capital of the World").  We subjected Grizzly FX to the lab equivalent of 20,000 units of foot traffic  under the ASTM D6119 testing methodology ("Creating Surface Appearance Changes in Pile Yarn Floor Covering from...

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How to Pick the Right Entry Mats to Protect Your Hotel Lobby from Dirt and Debris?

Choosing the right entrance mats for your hotel doesn't need to be complicated or difficult - but it can be tough to navigate on your own!  Scraper mats, dryer mats, polypropylene vs nylon vs PVC - there's a lot to choose from! Ideally, a perfect entrance matting system for a hotel (or any other public-facing business with ingress from the outdoors) would use a three-stage entrance matting system: First Stage: deployed fully outdoors, aggressive scraping action, maximum...

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Floor Mats are The First Thing Your Hotel Guests See – How to Make Yours Pop Out?

Your entrance mats are the first point of actual contact that your guests have with your hotel.  They they don't touch your parking lot and landscaping, they don't touch your automatic doors, but they do touch your entrance matting - even if it's only with their feet.  Sturdy, commercial-grade mats make a good first impression...and rental-grade throw-down mats get bunched up and snagged in suitcase wheels, annoying your guests from the start. How do you make your mats pop? ...

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How Much Maintenance Do Large Commercial Entrance Mats Need in Winter?

We often get asked about the maintenance required for large commercial entrance mats - how much, how often, what's required, etc.  And the easy answer is...there is no easy answer! Imagine that your entrance matting is like putting a bucket under the hole in a leaky roof in a rainstorm: the more it rains, the sooner it fills up.  The frequency in which maintenance is necessary is dependent on how much service that mat (or bucket!) is...

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5 Reasons Why Franchise Owners Should Use Custom Entrance Mats

Custom entrance matting is important for any business that serves the public, but it's especially important for franchisees who have to maintain brand standards!  Here's five good reasons why franchise owners should use custom entrance mats: Increase brand recognition.  You're paying for the rights to use a recognized brand through your franchise fees - why not take maximum advantage of those rights and leverage that brand to the fullest?  A custom logo mat can help reinforce...

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