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Can I put entrance mats on top of carpet?

It’s one of the most common questions we face, especially from condo and apartment building managers.  They need entrance matting to trap the dirt and water coming into their building, but they have wall-to-wall carpet right up to the front door.  Can they put an entrance mat on top of the carpet? You can put your mat anywhere you like…but if it’s on top of carpet, it won't stay there for long!  The reason why your mat...

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Posted June 9, 2021 in Flooring, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

Should you care about entrance mats?

Absolutely YES! Especially if you're a person in one of these 5 key roles: You control your building's operations budget. You manage custodial and janitorial services. You are responsible for workplace health and safety. You create brand awareness and marketing strategies for your company. You manage the customer experience and are responsible for customer satisfaction. You might be thinking, "What on earth do entrance mats have to do with any of those people?" Let us explain! 1. You...

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Reduce costs by leasing – not renting – your entrance mats!

Most people think of real estate, or industrial equipment, or even cars and trucks when they think of leasing...but did you know that you can lease your commercial entrance matting?  That's right - just like a new photocopier or a phone system, you can improve your commercial property with a complete entrance matting system through the easy monthly payments of leasing. There are numerous benefits to leasing your entrance matting as opposed to renting: higher-quality matting for...

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Posted March 25, 2021 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

How do you find the right mat for the job?

There's a lot more to entrance mats than you might think!  Unless you're "in the know", it's not always easy to figure out what kind of mat is the best fit for your particular situation or needs. But don't worry - we're here to help! Click below to download our Mat Finder Tool PDF, or consult the chart below: Click on the links below to find out more about each of the matting products above! Grizzly FX Sunbear Kermode ...

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Posted February 26, 2021 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

Why are solid colours the worst idea for entrance mats?

When people are choosing between different types of entrance mats for their commercial space, they often make a critical mistake and put "appearance" at the very top of their priority list.  While appearance definitely should play a role in choosing the right mat, it shouldn't be the only thing to consider at the expense of all others! The most common difficulty between function and form we see involves mats made from completely solid, monotone colours.  Solid black,...

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Posted February 8, 2021 in Matting, Entrance Mats, Indoor Mats|0 Comments

What does “inlaid logo” mean?

They're the most common questions we get: "What does "inlaid logo" mean?", and "What's the difference between an inlaid logo and a printed logo?" The answer in a nutshell: EVERYTHING! Inlaid Logo Mats An inlaid logo means that we create your logo in your mat by cutting-out and embedding pieces of differently-coloured matting material into it, flush with the surface. Every logo mat we make has a custom logo inlaid right in – not printed on top!  That means that every...

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New! Sunbear high-value floor matting!

We're really excited to announce the newest addition to our Bearmats range of products: Sunbear high-value tufted scraper matting! Sunbear is a completely new, totally unique product to the Canadian marketplace.  Sunbear is exciting because it combines the high-luxe appearance of a commercial carpet, the hard-wearing vinyl backing of our famous Grizzly FX matting, and the budget-friendliness of all-polypropylene face construction! Sunbear joins our existing commercial entrance matting product lineups to deliver outstanding value for money in a polypropylene...

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Posted December 7, 2020 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

Still renting your entrance mats?

Especially now more than ever, commercial building operators are looking for ways to reduce their janitorial spending while still maintaining high standards of cleanliness.  And if you're still using a rental mat service, there's huge savings to be had right under your feet! Stop wasting money on rental mats.  Here's three quick reasons why buying is better: 1. Costs less than rentals. $10/week rental sounds cheap - until you do the math: "Only" ten dollars a week works out to...

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Posted November 26, 2020 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

Are your mats ready for winter dangers?

It's November, and winter is just around the corner - which means nasty, wet, slippery, dangerous weather.  Are your entrance mats up to the challenge? Keeping your floors safe in public areas isn't just good business.  Did you know that under the Occupier's Liability Act in BC, it's actually part of your legal duty of care as a building operator? Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading causes of serious personal injuries in Canada.  In 2016-2017, there were nearly 9000...

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Posted November 4, 2020 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

New! Koala high-value knob matting

We're really excited to announce the newest addition to our Bearmats range of products: Koala high-value knob matting! Koala joins our existing commercial entrance matting product lineups to deliver outstanding value for money in a polypropylene knob-style scraper mat. In stock and ready to go, every one of our Koala mats is custom-made to your specific size requirements with no custom upcharge.  Just say no to "standard sizes" that don't fit your entrance! Check out our Koala page on our...

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Posted October 26, 2020 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

Carpeting vs Matting – What’s the Difference?

It's a common terminology mistake that we see all the time.  Clients use the words "carpet" and "mat" interchangeably when talking about their front entrance...but the actual meaning of those terms couldn't be more different!  Equating a commercial carpet with a proper commercial entrance mat is like equating a high heel shoe and a gumboot - although they're both footwear, they obviously serve very different functions in very different ways, and they're definitely not interchangeable! Carpet's top...

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Posted October 8, 2020 in Matting, Flooring, Entrance Mats, Carpets|0 Comments

4 quick reasons why your commercial entrance mats matter.

Property managers are busy professionals with a lot of responsibilities to look after, which is why some important things get inadvertently overlooked.  Here's four quick reasons why you should take a minute to make sure your building's entrance matting is up to snuff: 1. Reduce Janitorial Costs Studies have shown that over 80% of the dirt and debris contaminating a building are tracked in via shoe bottoms – and that it costs (on average) over $500 to remove...

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Posted September 3, 2020 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments