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Printed Mats vs. Custom Inlaid Logo Mats

Source Floor & Specialties creates custom inlaid logo mats for all types and sizes of organizations. Occasionally we’re asked to explain what sets a custom inlaid logo mat apart from a mat that has had a logo printed directly onto it. In fact, there is a night-and-day difference between printed logo mats and custom inlaid logo mats; namely, function! Printed Mats – Style, Without Function Printed mats start out just like a blank sheet of paper; the logo image...

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Broadloom Vs. Carpet Tiles in Commercial Applications

Broadloom carpet, as the name implies, is woven on a very wide loom. Most commonly shipped and installed in 12-foot wide large rolls, this type of carpet is still the most commonly used for wall-to-wall carpeting in both commercial and residential applications. Carpet tiles - also known as modular carpet or carpet squares- are exactly that: square, modular tiles of carpeting, with an integrated backing material and base. Carpet tiles have become increasingly popular in high-traffic commercial...

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A Guide To Anti Fatigue Mats

As their name suggests, Anti Fatigue Mats are designed to reduce the physical stress caused by fatigue from standing on hard flooring surfaces for prolonged durations. Do they really help? When one continuously stands on a hard surface, it often constricts blood circulation in the lower body, resulting in back pain, foot pain, and weariness.  Anti fatigue mats are specifically designed to create a cushioning impact between the feet and the floor, thereby encouraging subtle leg movement and...

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How Do Slip And Fall Accidents In Commercial Spaces Cost You?

Slip and fall accidents have been known to cause serious injuries, often resulting in complicated lawsuits, financial implications,  and bad press for building operators at times. Fortunately, a few simple preventive measures can help you minimize your risk as a building operator and curtail these mishaps to a large extent. Analyze the potential causes of slip and fall accidents: Choice of floors and flooring material: “According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), floors and flooring materials contribute directly to...

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How is a Mat Like a Bucket?

Because when they're full, they stop working!  Just like a bucket, an entrance mat can only hold so much dirt and water before it's full and it's time to empty it through regular cleaning. Did you know that approximately 80% of the dirt and moisture that enters a building is on the soles of visitors’ shoes? Fortunately, a well-designed entrance matting system will trap 90% of soil and moisture in the first five or six footsteps! Quality custom...

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VCT (Vinyl Composition Tiles) – The Standard For Low Budget, High Traffic Commercial Spaces

Vinyl composition tile, or “VCT”, has long been one of the most popular floorcoverings used in commercial spaces.  VCT is manufactured using coloured vinyl chips that have been first moulded into sheet form using extreme heat and pressure, and then most commonly cut into 12” square tiles.  While VCT comes in various thicknesses, the vast majority of installed VCT you see is 1/8th of an inch thick. Because VCT is formed from individual vinyl chips, they...

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Benefits of Buying Entrance Matting Over Renting

It often makes sense to rent a product to address a short-term need.  The vast majority of businesses, however, require entrance matting on a long-term basis. Purchasing your own entrance matting not only puts an end to never-ending rental fees, but also puts control of your customers’ first impression back in your hands  - where it belongs! Maintenance: Once a Week Isn’t Always Enough Rental matting companies will tell you that nothing beats the convenience of having your matting...

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Posted March 22, 2013 in Matting|1 Comment

Kermode – Our Newest Entrance Mat

Source Floor is proud to announce the latest addition to our matting family: Kermode!  Kermode joins Grizzly FX as the indoor/outdoor part of our complete Entrance Bear matting system. Kermode is named for the Kermode bear, a subspecies of Black bear that's native to our local area here in BC - and is even our province's Official Mammal! Known as the "spirit bear" to the First Nations people in BC,  Kermode bears are notable because approximately 10%...

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Floppy & Sloppy: Why Rental Mats Are Bad For Your Business

Imagine yourself walking into a retail store.  Does this look familiar? What's your first impression?  Do you have confidence that this retailer is organized enough to find your size, style, or colour?  Do you think their store will be neat, tidy, and a pleasant place to be? Look at this bank.  What's your first impression? Check out those rippled, lumpy edges just waiting to be tripped over: Is your first impression a good one? All of these mats have two things...

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Posted March 12, 2013 in Matting|2 Comments

Scotiabank Custom Directional Mat

...for @scotiabank's Halifax Main branch in our Grizzly FX matting in "Sand" colour!  We think the red arrows really 'pop'! See more of our custom mats in the Projects section of our website!

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Clayburn Dental: Custom Logo Area Rug

One of our recent projects was a custom logo and custom shaped area rug for Clayburn Dental, a local dental office.  This area rug is custom-shaped to butt right up against the large, curved main reception desk - giving clients a pop of colour from the moment they walk in the door!  We also created a custom entrance logo mat with the word "Welcome" for use right at their front door. See more projects like this in...

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Matting – How Much is Enough?

When you opt to have your office, store, or lobby fitted with mats, size and dimensions are very important to give you a perfect fit. Mats that curl up against walls or those that are too small can either cause accidents or fail to prevent them. Therefore, it’s best to understand your requirements when comparing custom versus standard sized mats. How much matting do you need? While custom ordering your mats, you can order a specific size right...

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