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Strata/Residential Flooring

Strata/Residential Flooring

Source Floor specializes in supplying lobby, common-area, and rental suite flooring to residential strata corporations and rental property owners/operators.

We can help you choose the right type of flooring for your application with an eye towards your budget, and keep your floor looking its best with the right entrance mat. Find your application(s) in the list below to see which flooring types are best for your flooring areas:


Products best for lobby areas:


Products best for elevator areas:


Products best for parkade areas:

Hallways & Corridors

Products best for hallways & corridor areas:

Laundry & Storage Rooms

Products best for laundry & storage room areas:

Pool Areas

Products best for pool areas:

Rental Suites

Products best for rental suite areas:

Gym & Fitness Areas

Products best for gym & fitness areas: