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Reduce costs by leasing – not renting – your entrance mats!

Most people think of real estate, or industrial equipment, or even cars and trucks when they think of leasing...but did you know that you can lease your commercial entrance matting?Β  That's right - just like a new photocopier or a phone system, you can improve your commercial property with a complete entrance matting system through the easy monthly payments of leasing. There are numerous benefits to leasing your entrance matting as opposed to renting: higher-quality matting for...

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Posted March 25, 2021 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments

What is backing, and why does it matter?

The backing of your mat is the underside of the mat - the side facing the floor that people don't usually see.Β  Even though backing isn't usually visible, it's actually a very important part of how well your mat works and how long it lasts.Β Β It's one thing to be told the difference between the different types of backing available on entrance matting - and an entirely different thing to know what that difference actually means! There are...

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Posted March 11, 2021 in Matting|0 Comments