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What makes a floor “commercial”?

Commercial floors come in a bewildering variety of floorcovering types and styles - carpets, resilients, and specialty hard surfaces all offer selections that are suitable for commercial applications.  Many of the visitors we receive on our website have come here searching for "commercial floors" - but what exactly makes a floor "commercial"?  The answer to that question varies with each available type of commercial floor. Commercial-grade carpet differs from residential carpet in several factors.  The first is...

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Posted October 15, 2014 in Flooring, Carpets, Concrete|1 Comment

Active vs Passive: The Appearance of Clean

Not all entrance matting is created equal!  Of course, the functional purpose of entrance matting is to stop incoming dirt at your door...but nobody wants to see it between cleanings!  That's where Grizzly FX comes in.  Grizzly FX's proprietary tufted loop construction actively hides dirt until it's removed by regular maintenance. We poured two sugar packets on generic knob-style matting, and two more on our Grizzly FX matting - and watch what happens with a single brushstroke: The...

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Posted October 7, 2014 in Matting, Entrance Mats|0 Comments