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Matting – How Much is Enough?

When you opt to have your office, store, or lobby fitted with mats, size and dimensions are very important to give you a perfect fit. Mats that curl up against walls or those that are too small can either cause accidents or fail to prevent them. Therefore, it’s best to understand your requirements when comparing custom versus standard sized mats. How much matting do you need? While custom ordering your mats, you can order a specific size right...

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Matting

Entrance matting is your building’s first (and primary) line of defense against the dirt, grit, and water that cause premature wear and damage to your floors.  A functional entrance matting system helps to greatly reduce the amount of soil coming in contact with your flooring.  According to The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), it costs an average of $600.00 in labor to locate and dispose of one pound of soil once it enters an average commercial...

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A Closer Look At Different Types of Matting Materials

Most commercial spaces install matting on their floors as an effective way to keep employees and customers safe from slip and fall accidents. Apart from their anti-slip properties, mats make floor maintenance easier and come in a variety of styles and appearances. Depending on your entrances and doorways, it may not be ideal to use the same type of entrance matting throughout the entire building. Depending on where you place them and how much wear and...

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