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Matting – An Ideal Solution for Safe Surfaces

Upgrading your floor space to increase its slip-resistance can go a long way in avoiding a variety of unsafe incidents.  Commercial establishments especially have to focus on keeping their floors very safe to avoid slips and falls that can incapacitate employees, injure customers, and potentially expose them to litigate and liability.  Matting is a great way to ensure that your floors are safe for everyone. Accidents caused by slippery surfaces According to statistics collated by the Association of...

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Why Entrance Matting Matters

With the wet weather upon us, those plastic yellow “Caution!  Wet Floor!” stanchions have popped up like winter’s daffodils in lobbies and stores everywhere.  Yet despite how dangerously slippery a wet floor can be (and how expensive a slip-and-fall accident settlement can be!), many businesses don’t actually do something to solve their slippery wet floor problem.  A quality entrance matting product not only makes your entrance look better, but it also makes it safer – and...

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